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At Macaroni Kids, we put a premium on quality baby clothing that is crafted with style and sustainability in mind. That’s why we partner with Piupiuchick, a reputable baby clothing store based in Portugal.


Piupiuchick was founded in 2012. It emerged as a passion project of a group of individuals, primarily inspired by the adventures of childhood. The name "Piupiuchick" itself is playful, echoing the whimsical spirit of children.

About Our Piupiuchick Collection

  • Themed collection: One of the defining features of Piupiuchick is their unique storytelling approach to each collection. They often create collections based on a theme or story, aiming to create a narrative that children can relate to and immerse themselves in.
  • Local Production: Emphasizing sustainability and quality, the brand often uses local artisans and producers for its collection. This not only helps in maintaining a high standard for each garment but also ensures ethical practices and supports local communities.
  • Material and Sustainability: Piupiuchick focuses on using organic and natural materials wherever possible. They're conscious of the environment, and their commitment to sustainability is evident in their choice of materials and production methods.
  • Diverse Range: While they started with baby clothing, over the years, Piupiuchick has expanded its collection to cater to older kids as well. Their range often includes clothing, accessories, and even some items for adults, making it a brand for the entire family.
  • Recognition: The brand quickly gained recognition for its unique designs, high-quality materials, and the stories that each collection narrates. It has built a strong following not just in Portugal but across many parts of the world.

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Piupiuchick is a reflection of a blend of design, emotion, and childhood adventures. The brand resonates with both parents and children, offering quality and style while telling captivating stories through its collections.

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